How to last longer in bed - Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

Many men experience sexual stamina issues – but sometimes, these issues can turn into bigger problems for the man and his partner. Feelings of dissatisfaction, rejection and low self-esteem can all arise when things aren’t going right between the sheets.

Fortunately, it’s a common problem that, in most situations, can be addressed quite easily. Communication is important – some men find talking about their sexual stamina embarrassing, but in this area, we often find that a problem shared is a problem halved. By speaking to your partner and following these tips, you can work your way around the problem.


Tips to increase sex stamina

A lot about sexual stamina is to do with the mind. If you’re worried, stressed or feeling anxious about any aspect of your life, your sex life will be in some way affected. This is particularly true if you’re anxious about your own performance in bed.

Sex is a lot to do with the emotional connection you have with your partner – so an uneasy mind can easily put a dampener on things. If you want to know how to last longer in bed, it’s a good idea to adopt the following good habits.

And breathe…

Learning to calm your thoughts and relax your mind will allow you to gain control over your sexual performance. Whether you practice yoga, meditate, hike, cook - find something that allows yourself to get into a tranquil state.

Fretting about erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation will only exacerbate the problem, so learn to breathe, relax and keep focused on being a good lover for you and your partner.

Focus on your partner

One way of shifting the focus is by lavishing all your attention on your partner. By making sure they are being satisfied, you are automatically lasting longer in bed. Concentrate on foreplay and oral sex and just take pleasure putting their enjoyment first.

Don’t shy away from sex

Just because things aren’t performing to their best ability right now, doesn’t mean you should pull the plug on it. Sex is a constantly changing thing, and regular intercourse is key to keeping competent.

Lovemaking strengthens the bond between a couple, and by working through any issues, it allows you to gain a profound level of trust, communication and understanding with each other… which in itself means better sex.


Exercises to improve sexual stamina

On a physical level, sex keeps your muscles active and allows you to exercise particular part, helping you to maintain strength in those areas. But it’s important to keep these areas exercised to improve your performance in the bedroom.

While this isn’t going to immediately improve sex stamina problems, it will help to fix the problem and make you better and stronger in bed.

Sexual stamina exercises all centre around the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. This is the hammock-shaped muscle that goes from the pubic bone to the tailbone and every man and woman has one. This is essentially your pelvic floor, and it is a powerful muscle which controls the flow of urine when we go to the toilet. But it also is fundamental to orgasms and ejaculation.

The strengthening of this muscle is really important to controlling things like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, so if you’re worried about these, make sure you make time to exercise your PC.

The Male Kegels

While women who have had children are encouraged to do daily kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor, many men neglect their PC muscle. Over time, this muscle weakens and the strength and control of ejaculations can decrease as a result.

Men can strengthen their PC muscle by tensing the muscle for short periods at various intervals during the day. Start doing this for a few seconds ten times in a row, and then increase the length of time and frequency as you build up the muscle.

You can squeeze and release without anyone noticing, so this exercise is good to do on the bus, at your desk or watching TV!

The Penis Push-Up

Focusing on the PC muscle again, this exercise should be done when in private. You need to have an erection and ideally be naked.

When you’re hard, place a hand towel over your penis. You should and start flexing your penis to mimic a push-up.

Once you feel you’ve practised this for a week or two, swap the dry towel for a wet towel and repeat the movements.

For guys looking for a bigger challenge, try moving the wet hand towel to something larger, like a beach towel.

You might find this exercise difficult to begin with, but like anything, regular practice a few times a week will increase your strength and make it so much easier.


Foods to improve sexual stamina

To improve sex stamina, you need to look holistically at the problem. Consuming one libido-boosting food isn’t going to immediately make you dynamite in bed, but improving your diet and getting rid of any bad habits (smoking, recreational drugs, heavy drinking) will almost certainly help things go better when you’re romancing.

That said, there are natural occurring stamina-increasing nutrients in some food that you should definitely look into.

  • Watermelon has massive amounts of an amino acid called L-citrulline, which helps make erections hard. This magic ingredient converts to L-arginine when we eat it – and if you’re not aware of L-arginine, you can buy this in pill form to help erectile dysfunction problems. Once converted into L-arginine, it stimulates the production of nitric oxide which increases blood flow to the genitals, which makes your erections harder.
  • Another ingredient that kicks off L-arginine in the body is oats. So make sure you get a serving for breakfast a few times a week at least. Not only does it help stimulate erection-building nitric oxide, but it also lowers cholesterol levels which takes the pressure off blood flow and arteries – fundamental to maintaining hardness during intimate moments.
  • Ginger is a great ingredient and it’s full of great health benefits - not least its ability to improve blood and artery health – key to strong erections. So add this stuff to anything you want – curries, drinks, puddings, sushi – as it is doing you good and helping to improve your sexual stamina at the same time.


Devices to improve sexual stamina

The reasons behind sexual stamina problems can be complex, but there are tools out there that can make remedying the issue simple. Our range of penis pumps from are aimed at men who have a range of conditions – from size issues to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Our Hydromax range is designed to boost your confidence, simply by helping you achieve bigger and harder erections to give you and your partner more satisfaction between the sheets.

By using our unique hydro-pump system in the shower or bath, the Hydromax allows a vacuum of warm water to encase the penis, getting the blood vessels working to maximize blood flow down there.

By regularly using the Bathmate Hydromax on your penis, you’re regularly stimulating it which helps you last longer in bed. Men who experience premature ejaculation see massive changes after using the pump.

And by using the comfort ring, your penis gets hard and stays hard for a truly fulfilling and gratifying sexual experience.

Most men find that they can improve their sexual stamina by using all the techniques mentioned above. And it might not happen overnight - the mixture of the psychological and physiological means that increasing your sex stamina is a process that can take weeks, even months, to see results. But stick with it - a satisfying, rewarding and pleasurable sex life can - and will - be yours.