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Hydro Rocket

A simple, effective option for personal hygiene and confidence, the Bathmate Hydro Rocket is an effective, convenient-to-use douche. With a completely body-safe design, an effective no-return valve completely preventing any contamination, and an unobtrusive appearance, the Hydro Rocket is an effective option for staying clean.

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More information about the Hydro Rocket

Just remove the nozzle and fill your Hydro Rocket up with lukewarm water (ideally body temperature), then reattach, add lube if necessary, and insert for best results. With a large, squeeze-friendly 325 ml capacity bulb, this douche is ideal for either quick use or full-on cleaning.

Along with our Hydrodouche, we offer a far more customisable douching option, our Bathmate Hydrodouche. Attaching directly to your shower, the Hydrodouche gives you complete control over your cleansing routine, from water pressure to the depth of cleaning.

After you use your Bathmate Hydro Rocket, it’s important to properly clean the device. Remove the nozzle again, rinse, and rub in some Bathmate Clean, our antibacterial spray specially designed for cleaning intimate products.