Better Sex with Bathmate and The SDR Show

Want a bigger dick? We know why you're here. You don't want to be sold to, so we're not going to do the spiel you'll see everywhere else. Basic facts: Bathmate means a bigger, better-working penis, and, because you've come through our partnership with the SDR Show, we're giving you a lifetime warranty worth $100 when you buy. 

Don't believe us? You're wrong. If you really want to see someone's cock getting bigger, take a look at our videos for the proof, or just see the results for yourself. You'll have 60 days after buying to get a full refund if we're not telling you the truth.

Muscles in the penis work the same as muscles anywhere else. They need work. You're not just going to put this thing on and be ready to guest-star in porn (they're using Bathmate - just ask them). You'll start seeing the first results after about a month, and keep on growing after that. 

Expect to add big girth and length whether you're starting our with our micro series or a bigger choice. You probably know your size - just enter it into the calculator below to find the perfect fit (we're not keeping your data). Just pick a pump, add a lifetime warranty, and use this code at checkout:


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