Penis Enlargement - How to make your penis larger without surgery

While there are many medical practices which carry out surgical penis enlargements, the idea of going under the knife to operate on such a delicate part of the anatomy can be off-putting for many men. Here we look at the many alternative non-surgical penis enlargement methods that could be the answer to your size worries.

Non-surgical penis enlargement techniques

For men who are looking to get a bigger penis, there is always some hesitation when it comes to surgery. But if you’re looking at how to increase your penis size, there are a lot of non-surgical penis enlargement methods that should be considered as a more preferable alternative.

Choosing to have a surgical penis extension isn’t an easy option. Men who choose to go under the knife have to weigh up the risks of, at best, no change in size and, at worst, penis malfunction. Surgical penis enlargement costs can also be prohibitive as most operations will be carried out by private healthcare companies.

If you’re interested in getting a bigger penis, there are many easier, cheaper and less risky methods to explore first. We recommend looking at methods for penis enlargement naturally – methods which we will look at here, using the suggestions of medical specialists, fitness experts and men who have found success in their chosen penis enlargement technique.

Personal maintenance

Medical experts suggest that much of the problem behind penis size anxiety can be eased by having more of a focus on personal care. Losing weight can have a significant effect on the appearance of penis size – a reduction in fat around the belly and thighs will make your penis look bigger and better – and could also improve your health. Even the simple act of waxing or trimming pubic hair will have a similar effect. Removing anything blocking the view of your manhood, whether it’s excess fat or excess hair is a good place to start if you’re looking to improve the appearance of downstairs. It is also worth noting that weight loss could also instigate a health kick that could benefit overall performance and confidence in bed.

Improving overall health

What do smoking, heavy drinking and a poor diet all have in common? They are all erection-blockers. Put simply, in order to have a big, strong erections, you need to have enough blood going to your penis. Bad lifestyle choices can have a very bad effect on the way blood flows around the body by blocking arteries and narrowing blood vessels. Many men who aren’t looking after their health are not meeting their full potential when it comes to getting hard. A healthy cardiovascular system means a healthy penis and when blood pumps easily, you can not only experience erections like never before but also enjoy a penis that is bigger and stronger.

Pills and lotions

There are countless male enhancement products available on the market that you can take orally or apply topically. These all make big promises about boosting the size of your manhood and generally contain a number of natural ingredients which can, in theory, help. Plants like ginseng, ginkgo biloba and maca powder are common in products that promote penis enlargement. However, while these improve blood flow and can promote the release of nitric oxide which strengthens erections, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that these pills and potions flooding the markets will give you extra growth, either in length or girth. Plus, even the most natural supplements should be taken with caution. Anyone with heart issues or blood disorders should speak to their doctor before taking these type of pills. Side effects can range from headaches and dizziness to heart palpitations and insomnia.

Penis enlargement injections

While not strictly surgical, the idea of a syringe anywhere near the genital area may put off a lot of men but it’s a good idea to have an idea of what is involved when you’re looking at ways of increasing your penis size. These injections are applied to the shaft of the penis and contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring product in the skin, and these types of treatments can use either natural or synthetic hyaluronic acid. Several injections are administered by a registered penoplasty surgeon and a treatment may last between ten and fifteen minutes. Synthetic hyaluronic acid is the cheaper option but it can cause an allergic reaction in some men and in a few cases, lumping occurs. This is where the product hardens under the skin. Natural filler is a preferred option, but the effect is short-lived. Follow-up injections are recommended after a year as the body will absorb the natural hyaluronic acid.

Penis weights

Attaching weights to the penis is one of the oldest methods of attempting to increase size. There are a lot of penis weights on the market, and if you do want to go down this route, it is well recommended that you do your research. Incorrect usage of weights can severely damage the penis tissue so you need to make sure the method you’re applying is the right one. Apart from the risk of injury to your penis, using weights on your manhood does not deliver next-day results. You need to be consistent with this form of exercise and attaching metal bars to your penis isn’t exactly discreet! So if you’re going to try out penis stretching, you need to make it work around your schedule and be patient. Any size improvement may take months to develop.

Hand manipulation

A manoeuvre called the Jelq has been used to help increase the size of the penis. The basics of this involve starting with a partial erection (normally around 60-80% hard) and some lubrication. Start at the base of your penis and create an ‘o’ around it with your index finger and thumb. Move your fingers from the base to the tip of your penis. What this movement will do is move blood to the head which will help make your member look bigger and longer. The movement should stop when you reach the glans – it’s important to not jelq this area, just concentrate on the shaft.

Penis exercises

Exercising the penis allows you to strengthen the framework that makes up your genitalia. This will make your erections harder and allow you to control your ejaculations better. It has also been recommended for promoting testosterone and sperm cell production. Like all exercises, this will need consistency and should be a part of a long-term routine. Most exercises involve stretching the length of the penis, for example, with one hand at the base of the penis and one hand at the glans. Stretch the penis in opposite directions, by pulling the glans gently away from the body and the base towards your body. Do this for ten seconds and repeat for five minutes every day. Kegel exercises are also key to improving the muscular framework that makes up the groin.

Penis pumps

There is significant evidence to suggest that using penis pumps is the most effective penis enlargement method. Exercising the penis tissue, blood vessels and muscles are all integral to penis size – and employing a penis pump can work all three. Using a device like the Bathmate Hydromax in the bath or shower will stimulate blood flow around that area, strengthen key muscles and will fortify the cell growth in the penis which provides great results for the user. In fact, in a poll of men looking to increase the size of their penis, over 70% of men who used a Hydromax penis pump, reported a bigger penis, stronger erections and increased confidence in bed. For something that doesn’t require delicate surgery, doesn’t leave scars and doesn’t have any side effects, using something like the Hydromax is a complete no-brainer for anyone looking at penis enlargement methods that work.

These Hydromax pumps have the medical expert’s seal of approval. Doctors recommend the Hydromax penis pumps for men who suffer erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, micropenis and other penile conditions.

If you’re wondering how to make your penis bigger, you could look at any of the above. Some of the above methods can act like placebos, while others may appear to temporarily have an effect on your penis size. But one of the most effective methods for men of all shapes and sizes is the Hydromax. This pump not only gives you harder and stronger erections, it also gives you the confidence to perform well in bed, satisfy your partner and give you a penis that is not only performing better but looking a lot better too.

Most men fret about the size of the penis, it’s completely natural. So if you’re worried about what to do if you have a small penis or if you’re anxious about your performance, you’re most definitely not alone. While there are a number of routes to explore if you’re looking to increase your penis size naturally or with surgical help, we recommend trying out a penis pump, which is affordable, easy to use and very effective.