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Bathmate Shower Strap


Bathmate Shower Strap

While any of our Bathmate penis pump options can be used easily in the shower (or bath), a lot of our users want to be able to concentrate on taking a shower while carrying out their Bathmate routine, rather than being wholly focused on the pump. Designed to support them, the Bathmate Shower Strap is a convenient addition to your hydropump, letting you go completely hands-free in the shower.

More Information about Bathmate Shower Strap

Easily attaching to your Bathmate pump via a universal connector, the Bathmate Shower Strap is completely compatible with all of our pumps. Just attach the connecter to the pump, place the adjustable strap round your neck and start off your Bathmate routine as normal - you’ll then be able to shower without interruption.

With the Shower Strap adding an extra level of convenience to your Bathmate workout, we’d recommend buying a strap for your pump - unless you’re picking up one of our Bathmate HydroXtreme pump models, which all come complete with a full set of Bathmate accessories.

Bathmate Shower Strap Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Dean C. (United States)
I would reccomend the strap to all buyers of the hydromax

Glad I ordered the shower strap, it makes things so much easier whils showering. Would reccomend every one get the strap

Kenneth P. (United States)

Shower Strap

Feanklin J.R. (United States)

Shower strap works perfectly. It is adjustable and easy to use. I keeps the Bathmate on while I shower. Highly recommend!

Ryan J. (United States)
Shower strap

I find it very convenient. It allows me to focus on proper pumping and concentrate on strengthening my pelvic floor muscles

PHIL W. (United States)
Bathmate is impressive

It takes several tries to practice the right strap length that works for you to keep the pump base comfortably positioned to maintain a seal without leaking. For me trimming is very important to maintain a seal. That and learning where to comfortably position the pump base while with one hand and pushing my scrotum back and downward before applying pumping pressure to not pull my scrotum inside the pump base. With a good pressure and seal, the strap makes using the pump stress free. In the shower I can see my wall clock to know how long I want safely maintain the pressure while the strap holds the position and desired pressure. I measure with the ruler to know when I've reached my length goal for that session time or minutes. This pump makes my penis noticeably longer and thicker with regular use. Using the Bathmat is a different and better experience resulting in bigger size gains because it uses water compared to air only pumps. Pumping regularly is the key to gains. It's helping me heal my ED by fully dilating my blood vessels which makes me happy. I'm getting erections now more easily than I was before. That's saying a lot because I had my prostate removed in 2021. I'm impressed with Bathmate.