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Everything you need for better sex

Bathmate provides the ultimate collection of products designed with sexual satisfaction and personal care in mind. Our top-of-the range pumps are accompanied by a full spectrum of accessories to help you stay on your A game, from powerful vibrators and cock rings for better sex experiences, to hygienic cleaning solutions for longer lasting pleasure. Add some extra flair with our manscaping kits or spare parts - we’ve got everything covered!

Check out our selection of Bathmate pumps and Accessories: offering everything you need to upgrade your sex life. Take a closer look at the individual categories for more detailed information!


Perfect if you’re a first time penis pump user, the Bathmate Hydro series (the very first collection of hydropumps) offer real value for money and build lasting gains.


If you’re looking for real hydropump power, our Hydromax series is the perfect choice for you. The single best-selling penis pump in the world, the Hydromax.


You’ve just found the world’s most powerful, complete choice for penis improvement – Adding an easy-to-use handball to our advanced hydropumps, maximises pressure for unbeatable gains.

Pump Accessories

With our wide range of products including useful add-ons like our Bathmate Shower Strap, shower douches, and extended warranties for your Bathmate Penis Pump, this is a wide-ranging section

Better Sex

The Bathmate Better Sex collection is all about enhancing your experience in bed (or wherever else you choose). With our selection of products all designed for body-safe, long-lasting fun, check below to find the perfect Bathmate accessory for you.


Cleanliness is key when it comes to sex, so we’ve put together some uniquely effective products designed to help ensure that you can keep your Bathmate Penis Pump (as well as any sex toys) completely hygienic.