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How to Use Bathmate Penis Pumps

Good news: Bathmate is easier to use than any other penis pump - Just Add Water. However, it can be tricky to know exactly how to use your Bathmate to start building up real, satisfying gains. If you're confused about how Bathmate works, this page is designed for you.

With video instructions, user guides and scientific facts, this page explains everything about how Bathmate hydropumps work (and the kind of results they deliver).

Step by step guide


Warming Up

  1. Use Bathmate in either the Bath or Shower.
  2. Massage the genital area to relax skin.

Filling the pump

For Hydro/Hydromax:
  1. Ensure the valve is set to the closed position (press black pip to either side)
  2. Remove the comfort insert (optional - Hydromax only)
  3. Fill the pump with as much water as possible (warm (not hot!))
  4. Replace the comfort insert (if step 2 completed, Hydromax only)
For HydroXtreme:
  1. Ensure the valve is set to the open position (rotate the valve anti-clockwise)
  2. Attach the handball to the hose.
  3. Attach the hose to the valve.
  4. Remove the comfort insert (optional)
  5. Fill the pump with as much water as possible (warm (not hot!))
  6. Replace the comfort insert (if step 4 completed)

Attaching the pump

  1. Insert the flaccid penis into the Hydropump
  2. Press the Hydropump against the body to create a comfortable seal
  3. Ensure testicles are below seal

Creating a vacuum

For Hydro/Hydromax:
  1. Pull the pump in to the body to create a vacuum seal against the body
  2. Once the pump is sealed to the body continue the pumping process until you are at a comfortable maximum pressure
For HydroXtreme (note: for use without handball, follow Hydro/Hydromax steps above):
  1. Pull the pump in to the body to create a vacuum seal against the body
  2. Squeeze the handball to create further suction
  3. Repeat until you are at a comfortable maximum pressure

Wait while Bathmate works its magic

  1. Wait for up to 3 minutes (Tip: Use a shower strap for hands-free usage in the shower and continue your shower/bath routine)

Removing the pump

  1. Press down on the clear valve cap
  2. Hold the valve cap until the vacuum is released
  3. Remove the Hydropump

Massaging the penis

  1. Form an ok grip with either hand
  2. Gently slide the grip from the base of the penis along the shaft, stopping at the glans
  3. Repeat this motion for up to 2 minutes to allow the penis to relax and return to a flaccid state


  1. Follow steps 2-7 (Tip: We recommend completing these steps 2 more times)
  2. Limit daily usage to 15 minutes (3 x 5 minutes [3 minutes in pump, 2 minutes massage])
  3. Limit weekly usage to 5 days (2 days use, rest day, 3 days use, rest day)

For all devices, to benefit the most in erection hardness and optimal blood flow, it is best to remove the device every 2-3 minutes and allow the penis to retract. Massage the penis in a flaccid state for 2 minutes then reapply the device and repeat the process. You should do this a maximum of 3 times in any 15 minute process.

Do not use the Hydropump for more than 15 minutes in any 24 hour period.

Bathmate Routine for Best Results

For best results, use the Hydropump for up to five days per week, with two rest days in between. Similar to a workout at the gym, all parts of the body require time to recover from exercise for optimum results. For added benefit ensure rest days are not consecutive.

Example weekly routine:

Bathmate How to Use Videos

Want a demonstration of how to use your Bathmate to start building real gains? We've designed some simple 3D videos showing you exactly how to use any Bathmate pump series in the shower. Just click the embedded videos below to see how your Bathmate works.

Want to see someone actually showing you how to use your pump? Over on our Bathmate Results page, you'll find some great demonstration videos from a couple of brave Bathmate fans.

Bathmate User Guides

When you buy any Bathmate pump, you'll find a complete user guide inside the (discreet) packaging. Available in 10 languages with simple visual instructions, these guides show you exactly how to get the best results from your workout.

If you've lost your instructions (or just want to check them out), we've put together a set of PDF versions to access. Click through to the Bathmate User Guides section to find our full set of instructions.

Bathmate Results and Reviews

So, now you know how Bathmate works, and what makes our hydropumps better than other penis pump options. But what can you really expect when you start working out with Bathmate?

Like any other kind of workout, results do depend on the individual. However, there's one thing you can be sure of: satisfying results or a complete refund. For 60 days after purchase, you'll be able to claim a complete refund if you're not 100% satisfied for any reason at all - no questions asked.

Of course, there's a reason we're able to offer such a complete guarantee - Bathmate pumps mean real gains. Over on our Bathmate Results page, you'll find out exactly what our users have to say about the effects of a Bathmate routine - here's some key facts: