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Cushion Rings


Cushion Rings

Designed for use with our Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme penis pump ranges, Bathmate Cushion Rings help to add an extra level of comfort and security for users during their pump exercises.

We offer 5 sizes of Cushion ring to suit various pump sizes, so make sure you pick the perfect size for your Bathmate pump!


More information about the Cushion Rings

Essentially, when attached to your Bathmate pump, the Cushion Rings completely prevent a user’s testicles from entering the hydropump. While this is a very rare occurrence with proper pump use, using the rings will completely remove the possibility.

Bathmate Cushion Rings are built using comfortable, skin-safe material which moulds itself to the user’s body shape when in use, ensuring effective functioning for all. When you buy a pack of our Cushion Rings, you’ll get 2 rings, each designed to suit a different penis girth, giving you an even better fit.

Cushion Rings Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Ken S. (United States)
Bathmate Cushion Rings work great

If you're purchasing a Bathmate pump, do yourself a favor and spend just a little more to purchase the cushion rings. They provide a great seal between the pump and your body as well as prevent any unwanted pinching of the skin. They will make the whole experience even more pleasant.

Clinton D. (Australia)
Kung Slungit

Products are second to none 😁

shayne p. (United Kingdom)

Cushion Rings

Tarago159 (Australia)
Great product

The cushion rings are a great idea - stop your danglers from being sucked in (which is not comfortable at all!!). This means a better workout session.

DAVID M. (United States)
Barbarian Beast Mode

I decided to give the Barbarian ring a try and I was blown away by it. I was concerned that it would be too hard, feel uncomfortable or be too big. I was wrong on all counts. It is so stretchy soft but firm enough to do its job well. It gave me an incredible feel and a much more intense finish. I was so impressed I’ve ordered the other two to add to the nightstand drawer. Thanks to Bathmate for giving new life to this 62-year old and my wife!